What We Offer

Annie Rankin

Live Connection courses offer simple, effective communication tools:

  • Improve relationships at home & at work
  • Learn a language that’s honest, respectful & life-affirming
  • Maximise the chance that everyone’s needs are valued
  • Minimise tension, second-guessing & misunderstanding
  • Develop skills for personal transformation & social change
  • Create peaceful communities & environments

Live Connection trainings may include all or some of the following themes. We also tailor trainings to suit specific individuals or contexts:

Conflict Resolution

starfishCreating harmony from discord; tackling tricky conversations with confidence; staying in dialogue when difficulties arise; moving beyond an ‘either them or us’ attitude; freeing deadlock; finding ways to meet all needs peacefully; discovering fresh & creative strategies.

Empowering Communication

leapPromoting understanding & clarity; reducing tensions & misinterpretations; airing unspoken messages; maximising the chance of being heard; channelling anger creatively; freeing motivations from guilt & shame; being more alive & aware of multiple choices.

Medical Education

medicalDealing with conflicts & complaints; understanding the roots of discord; dealing with bullying; saying sorry with added value; cooperating effectively as a team (MDT), staying professional under pressure; giving & receiving constructive feedback; supporting patient care & well-being.

The Power of Empathy

padlockDeepening capacity for empathy & tolerance – of colleagues, neighbours, families, partners, friends; understanding oneself & others in new ways; appreciating the needs behind challenging remarks; discovering the power of compassion; opening to myriad possibilities for peaceful connection.

Listening Skills


“What people really need is a good listening to.” Marshall Rosenberg

Fully hearing & taking in others; becoming increasingly attuned to our own needs & motivations; actively altering how we hear & express ourselves; decoding unspoken messages; inspiring creative strategies.

Mediation & Reconciliation

balanceUnderstanding difference, discovering the roots of conflict, moving beyond deadlock; hearing the value in a person saying ‘No’. Inspiring tolerance & forgiveness through listening anew; finding peaceful outcomes that work for all concerned.

Team building

workersCreate collaborative, enjoyable working relationships; experience the value of “power with” [rather than “power over” or “power under”]; appreciating diversity; offering constructive feedback; being honest & direct without offending; building skills for social change & peaceful community.


Full moonDeveloping presence and bodily awareness; empathic listening to ourself and to a companion; becoming increasingly alive to our Felt Sense; finding new ways to open the heart; focusing attention in the moment; trusting our intuition; valuing all sides of our experience; integrating oppositional “parts” within; freeing up forward-moving energy.


Developing the art of being with ourselves; increasing capacity for awareness & deeper experience; softening & opening the heart; encouraging love, compassion and joyful mental states; paying attention in the moment; integrating energy & valuing our experience; becoming free to respond, & alive to genuine choices.

Contact Vajrasara if you’d like to book a Focusing session or learn to meditate.

Humanistic and Integrative Counselling

magnifyCounselling is a talking therapy that can support people in challenging times. Difficulties that may benefit from empathic listening include: anxiety, loss, bereavement, trauma, relationship stress, depression, addiction and more. Sometimes the issues are vague – a sense of stuckness, confusion or loss of meaning. Counselling tends to encourage personal growth, and enhance awareness and well-being.  For further information see the Counselling page, or contact  to book a Counselling session.