What We Offer

Annie Rankin

Live Connection specialises in depth counselling and compassionate communication.

The Communication courses offer simple, effective skills and insights:

  • Improve relationships at home & at work
  • Learn a language that’s honest, respectful & life-affirming
  • Maximise the chance that everyone’s needs are valued
  • Minimise tension, second-guessing & misunderstanding
  • Develop skills for personal transformation & social change
  • Create peaceful communities & environments

Live Connection trainings may include all or some of the following themes. We also tailor trainings to suit specific individuals or contexts:

Conflict Resolution

starfishCreating harmony from discord; tackling tricky conversations with confidence; staying in dialogue when difficulties arise; moving beyond an ‘either them or us’ attitude; freeing deadlock; finding ways to meet all needs peacefully; discovering fresh & creative strategies.

Empowering Communication

leapPromoting understanding & clarity; reducing tensions & misinterpretations; airing unspoken messages; maximising the chance of being heard; channelling anger creatively; freeing motivations from guilt & shame; being more alive & aware of multiple choices.

Medical Education

medicalDealing with conflicts & complaints; understanding the roots of discord; dealing with bullying; saying sorry with added value; cooperating effectively as a team (MDT), staying professional under pressure; giving & receiving constructive feedback; supporting patient care & well-being.

The Power of Empathy

padlockDeepening capacity for empathy & tolerance – of colleagues, neighbours, families, partners, friends; understanding oneself & others in new ways; appreciating the needs behind challenging remarks; discovering the power of compassion; opening to myriad possibilities for peaceful connection.

Listening Skills


“What people really need is a good listening to.” Marshall Rosenberg

Fully hearing & taking in others; becoming increasingly attuned to our own needs & motivations; actively altering how we hear & express ourselves; decoding unspoken messages; inspiring creative strategies.

Mediation & Reconciliation

balanceUnderstanding difference, discovering the roots of conflict, moving beyond deadlock; hearing the value in a person saying ‘No’. Inspiring tolerance & forgiveness through listening anew; finding peaceful outcomes that work for all concerned.

Team building

workersCreate collaborative, enjoyable working relationships; experience the value of “power with” [rather than “power over” or “power under”]; appreciating diversity; offering constructive feedback; being honest & direct without offending; building skills for social change & peaceful community.


Full moonDeveloping presence and bodily awareness; empathic listening to ourself and to a companion; becoming increasingly alive to our Felt Sense; finding new ways to open the heart; focusing attention in the moment; trusting our intuition; valuing all sides of our experience; integrating oppositional “parts” within; freeing up forward-moving energy.


Developing the art of being with ourselves; increasing capacity for awareness & deeper experience; softening & opening the heart; encouraging love, compassion and joyful mental states; paying attention in the moment; integrating energy & valuing our experience; becoming free to respond, & alive to genuine choices.

Contact Vajrasara if you’d like to book a Focusing session or learn to meditate.

Humanistic and Integrative Counselling

magnifyCounselling is a talking therapy that can support people in challenging times. Difficulties that may benefit from empathic listening include: anxiety, loss, bereavement, trauma, relationship stress, depression, addiction and more. Sometimes the issues are vague – a sense of stuckness, confusion or loss of meaning. Counselling tends to encourage personal growth, and enhance awareness and well-being.  For further information see the Counselling page, or contact  to book a Counselling session.



Your privacy is a top priority. And my practice accords with the latest data protection laws (May 2018).  When you subscribe to my mailing list, I collect your name and email address for the purposes of sending you my newsletter.

When you complete a booking form to attend a workshop, I collect the relevant information about you – such as your name, address, email address, phone number and other information related to the event.

I use the information for the following purposes:

  • to provide you with the services or information requested
  • to contact you with information about the workshop you’re attending
  • to keep in touch about other training that may interest you.
  • to respond to queries and provide additional service and support

I never share your personal information with a third party (unless you specifically request it).

I use appropriate technological and operational security measures to protect your information against unauthorised access or unlawful use. I retain your information for as long as necessary to provide you with the services requested, or for as long as the law, and my insurers, permit.

This privacy policy relates to storing and use of personal data.

In addition I am wholly committed to the confidentiality of every client – whether at NVC trainings, or one-to-one sessions of Counselling, Focusing, Communication coaching, and mediation.

You can unsubscribe at any time, via the Unsubscribe link on the newsletter.

I have regular supervision for my work, have professional liability insurance, and have been DNB checked.

 Feedback and complaints

I am committed to continually  learning and developing professionally. I gather feedback (written and verbal) to improve what I offer, and am open to transparent dialogue about my work and its effect on participants.

If someone is dissatisfied, and the feedback form is insufficient, I also have a clear process of handling concerns and complaints. My intention is:

 – that someone can clearly, respectfully acknowledge dissatisfaction with something I have offered.

– that the procedure is fair, kind, swift and transparent.

– it supports connection and a resolution process for all concerned.

If you’re dissatisfied with any of my workshops, events or 1-1 sessions, I suggest the following procedure:

1. Find some support. As this is NVC, which is a community-based practice of mutual support, please see if you have capacity to get some support from another member in the NVC UK network (an empathy buddy or someone else you feel comfortable with) to help you clarify your needs and concerns.

2.  Then contact me. Convey your complaint to me. (Or ask a friend or supporter to contact me.)  Please let me know your complaint by email or via this website. See contact page.

Then we can have a conversation, so I can listen to your complaint, understand what matters to you, and help us resolve the difficulty. If you are then satisfied, this is the end of the process.

I would prefer you contacted me in the first instance to see if we can resolve matters between us. However, if you would rather not contact me directly about the issue, or if you’re not satisfied by the discussion between us, you have other options.

a) As I’m an NVC trainer certified with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and hold a current agreement to practice, you may choose to contact them: cnvc.org

 b) Or you could contact the Conflict Transformation Weave of the UK NVC network who will follow a community-agreed procedure. See: ctw-uk.com