I meditate to feel more alive, at home to myself, and more connected to others. Meditation has been a key aspect of life for decades, infusing everything I do. It has brought meaning and unexpected riches – especially  greater awareness, warmth and clarity. Meditation brings energy, and a sense of presence. It helps to resolves conflicts – inner and outer. Sometimes it’s difficult or sobering. Sometimes a doorway to inspiration and integration. I teach meditation locally in Somerset – to newcomers and regulars every week. And nationally on retreats for people with a range of experience.

What is meditation?

Life is precarious and continually changing. However, it’s possible to influence our experience and encourage positive change. According to Buddhism our mind creates our world, and the only real antidote to our personal troubles, and the anxieties, stress and confusion that beset the human condition.
 Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. The art of meditation is really the art of being with ourself.

Buddhist meditation practices encourage concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, empathy and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. By engaging with a particular practice we learn the patterns and habits of our mind, and the meditation becomes a means to cultivate more satisfying ways of being. With application and patience, these nourishing, focused meditation experiences can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.

There are a numerous practices and techniques that go by the name of meditation. It is usually wise to find a reliable tradition and follow the guidance of experienced meditators. Frequently people who teach themselves to meditate from a book end up needing the support and guidance of a community or teacher.

Ongoing Buddhist meditation class for regulars

CogsHeld in Orchardleigh, nr Frome, Somerset, BA11 2PH. Every Wednesday 7.30-9.30pm. Suggested donation £5.

Suitable for those who have learnt to meditate with the Triratna community, and are familiar with Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving-kindness meditations.  Led by Vajrasara, Nagamudra, Dhammadassin, Rijumani, Vandika & Karunika – an experienced team of teachers & all members of  Triratna Buddhist Order. Contact Vajrasara if you wish to attend.


Celebrate Sangha Day – Sunday November 26 – 3 to 8pm


Newcomer’s Meditation Courses

The BuddhaEach term we run a 6-week introductory meditation course in Frome.
 The course will be include instruction in two foundation practices: the Mindfulness of Breathing and Development of Loving-Kindness meditations; plus support with how to set up a practice, encourage breadth and focus, become present and relaxed, clarify intentions, and open our heart. We offer guidance in turning towards our experience, addressing distractions, and inspiring absorbed states of mind.

Led by Dhammadassin & Vandika, both experienced meditators who have been meditating for about 50 years between them. Open to people of any faith or none. Price £65. Booking is essential – call 01373 463217, or contact Vajrasara if you wish to attend.

The next Introductory Meditation & Mindfulness six-week course will begin on Monday 12 February  – March 19, 2018.

Six Monday evenings, 7.30 – 9.30pm. Upstairs at Pure Moves, Wesley Close, Frome, BA11 1EA –


Some meditation courses are held in our studio at Orchardleigh, 2 miles from Frome. See below –


This studio is also available to hire for other classes and workshops.


Meditation handouts to download