For Organisations

Live Connection works with a range of organisations – the NHS, schools, charities, civil servants, government bodies, environmental companies, staff departments, therapists, and teams of all types. To increase effectiveness, improve dynamics and support organisational change.

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We run consultations, and tailor courses specifically to suit each. See What we offer. Every organisation has its own particular communication areas – its strengths, challenges, and issues to address. So Live Connection will apply fundamental principles to the specific needs of any organisation, drawing on the examples offered by participants.

Understanding Needs-based Communication can support the smooth running of any workplace. It helps to:

  • enhance professionalism
  • promote efficiency
  • create effective structures
  • encourage cooperation & teamwork
  • build skills in constructive feedback
  • support harmony & honesty
  • ensure everyone feels heard
  • boost staff morale
  • develop a positive environment