For Individuals

Live Connection offers communication courses, lasting from a few hours to a week, or comprising multiple modules. Standard introductions take one or two days.


Foundation Courses

This course covers the ideas and skills involved in Nonviolent or Need-based Communication. A foundation training typically lasts two days, but can vary according to context. It introduces the elements of this  process for use in expressing oneself to others, listening to other people and listening sensitively to yourself. A foundation training provides sufficient information and practice to start using NVC in daily life. It is run in an experiential style applying the principles to the particular examples that participants bring. An NVC foundation training helps people to:

  • communicate clearly and respectfully
  • be honest without offending others
  • ensure everyone’s needs are valued
  • be fully present with people in distress
  • resolve conflicts without blame or judgement
  • be aware of the opinions hidden behind words

In addition to public courses, Live Connection is available to support people in their individual development in a variety of ways: working one-to-one, and with couples or families, focusing on particular issues, offering ongoing mentoring, and one-off mediation sessions. Live Connection also enjoys responding to personal requests. Why not gather together a group of friends and invite Annie to deliver a course in your home? For upcoming courses see Training Diary.

Next public workshops, with Vajrasara – Annie Rankin,  certified NVC trainer:

Compassionate Communication

 4 week evening course, Autumn, 2020,  in FROME, Somerset:  

This course will go ahead once social distancing measures make it viable.

Want to speak out clearly, honestly and be fully heard? Fed up with second-guessing, guilt and misunderstandings?

On the workshop I offer simple, effective skills based on Nonviolent Communication. Learn to handle difficult dialogues with confidence; express frankly … and stay in harmony; listen different, and connect with care & creativity; learn tools for defusing sharp remarks; how to honour your needs and values, and feel more alive.

Price: £125 ( a few concessions, please enquire).
Queries + bookings:  or 01373 463217.


Empowering Communication


Want to speak honestly without offending? Deepen the art of listening? Fed up with tension, criticism & guilt?

Learn simple, effective skills with Nonviolent Communication. How to respond to judgement and blame creatively; handle tricky dialogues confidently; connect with care and imagination; defuse stress and harsh remarks; feel more open & alive.

Price: £143 (£110 conc).
Queries: or 01373 463217.
Bookings: 01273 204204 or

Deepening Courses

Deepenings are courses to follow-on from the NVC Foundation. These trainings refresh and practise skills and attitudes outlined in the Foundation Training then develop further understandings, abilities and tools. Themes most commonly explored are – dealing with conflict; harnessing the power of empathy and compassion; active listening; focusing within & understanding inner messages; exploring anger and guilt; giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Next NVC Deepening course:

BEYOND CONFLICT workshop: EDINBURGH, 2020. **  Postponed until social distancing measures are relaxed.

Beyond Conflict – outer and inner 
The workshop will have new input  and plenty of emphasis on practice – 
- handling demands skilfully, 
- staying in dialogue
- how to move beyond deadlock
- reflecting back and defusing skills
- understanding conflicted inner voices
- ways to clarify apparently opposing needs
- finding creative new strategies
- and refreshing core communication skills

It is geared towards people who have done a minimum of one Foundation workshop with an NVC trainer, and hopefully much practice since. The weekend will be experiential – hopefully a bit challenging, and also fun.

Price £145 (a few concessions on a first-come basis).

Places limited to 12. Queries & bookings: or 01373 463217

Skilful Communication with meditation retreat

24 – 31 July 2020:   ***  May go ahead, under review; depending on safety & social distancing measures

Week-long retreat on the banks of a beautiful loch, in the Scottish Highlands.

Want to speak out clearly? Deepen the art of listening? Tackle tricky dialogues with confidence & empathy?

A chance to experience the spiritual possibilities of compassionate communication. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers skills to open our hearts, be alive to our values, and express ourselves freely without confusion, blame or guilt. Communication input will be interwoven with meditation guidance, simple ritual, some silence, free time and fun. No prior experience of NVC or meditation necessary.
Vajrasara, a certified NVC trainer & experienced retreat leader, will be supported by a team of 3 skilled assistants who all have NVC, meditation and mindfulness experience.
Bookings and more info –

One-to-One communication coaching sessions. Online conflict resolution & mediation available.

anger managemnt pup

One-to-one coaching has become an increasingly popular and effective way of supporting people with their communication issues and skill building. Tailored to each individual. Can be done in person (location negotiable), on the telephone or on Skype.


We increasingly support couples in dispute. We help people to dialogue more effectively, understand each other fully, learn new communication skills, move beyond deadlock and loosen stuck issues. We offer this both informally or with formal structured mediation.


Team sessions

Live Connection also works with staff teams – to improve communication, find solutions that work for all parties, and facilitate more effective meetings.

Please enquire:    or call 01373 463217